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WOTHCS Chapter 2 
5th-Oct-2011 02:54 am
Title: What Only the Heart Can See
Pairing: TaNaka, slight JunDa (and more to come)
Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst, AU
Rating: PG for now
Disclaimer: I only own the plot.
Summary: Nakamaru had always dreamed of finding love that he can cherish and when a man named Tanaka Koki came to his life, he believed that forever has begun with the love that they share. Until a tragedy happens and teaches both of them that love is not simply made of fun and happiness, it also comes with pain and sacrifice.
Author’s notes: Finally! My second multi-chapter that took almost forever to be written is here.  I hope this new fic will be loved as much as my FMA fic. Happy reading!



All their bags sit on a corner in their bedroom while empty boxes clutter the living room. They are almost finished unpacking and all that's left is to arrange all their things. Koki lays on the floor, topless, all sweaty and tired. Yuichi kicks his foot, and looks down at him with a raised eyebrow. “Am I supposed to move you around too?”
                “Give me ten minutes.” It's a statement not a request and Yuichi has no choice but let him be. He sits beside the still body, crossing his legs and looks around with a pleased smile on his sweaty face. The thought that they just moved in together makes Yuichi's heart flutter every other time. He is anxious with how this will turn out. He is also anxious of meeting Koki's brother. From what Koki told him, his brother, Juri, is very quiet and reserved. He wonders if Juri will accept him in his life.
                “What are you thinking of?” Koki's deep voice suddenly resonates in the room. The blond haired man sits up and rests on his arms.
Yuichi moves to hug his knees. “A lot of things...” he responds honestly and sighs. “I hope Juri will like me. What's his favorite food? While you fetch him this weekend,  I will cook his favorite dish for dinner.”
                “Let's have sukiyaki. Our family used to eat nabe on weekend nights. I'm sure he misses that.” Koki smiles widely at the memories. He might not have been the best child but his parents showered him and his brother all the love they needed.
Their tiny bodies are forced away as the red flames grow bigger and start to eat their house. Koki's vision is blurred and tears won't stop falling down. “Go!” their mother says again as she struggles to shake their father's unconscious body. He has no idea what happened, he was awakened by his mom and then he realizes that their house is on fire. His mom had been crying, it seems like their dad had a heart attack during the fire. “Koki!” his mom screams again. “Take Juri and get out of here! Now!”
Koki lifts the 3-year old boy in his arms. “Mama! We'll wait for you outside...” his shouts back despite his tears. Their mom nods and tries to lift up the man's body. “Koki, promise me you'll protect your brother no matter what.” Koki nods and runs out of the burning house. They make it out safely and he unwraps the blanket uncovering his brother while watching their home get eaten up by the flames. Koki hugs his brother tight.
Koki almost forgot the feeling of being loved. When his parents died, they were taken to the orphanage and he and his brother struggled through the pain and loss while trying to survive in a place that served as their temporary shelter. As soon as Koki turned legal, he ventured out to the harsh world, doing all of sorts of job he can with the goal of being independent and responsible enough to take his younger brother with him. It has been five years and although it took longer than intended, Koki can finally fulfill his promise now. Not only that, he has his wonderful lover with him, pampering him and treating him like a king and most of all loving him sincerely.
                “Sukiyaki then... And I'll put lots of meat for the carnivore here.” Yuichi's voice brings Koki back to reality. Yuichi finds his lover just staring at him and without warning, he feels Koki's strong arms wrap around him. His eyes widen at the sudden hug but embraces Koki back anyway.
                “Juri will like you, I'm sure of it.” Koki whispers in his ear and kisses his neck. The soft kisses turn to heated ones as he lowers them to Yuichi's shoulder but it doesn't last long enough as Yuichi gently pushes him.
The taller man stood up and placed his hands on his hips. “Your 10 minutes is over. Let's finish the task at hand first, shall we?” he raises an eyebrow again. “If we finish on time, I might give you a reward.” he winks and turns his back.
Koki stands up with a huff. “LATER.” he whispers in a low tone with a hint of warning before squeezing Yuichi's butt and the latter could only roll his eyes. They haven't even moved the bed yet.
The door creaks open and Yuichi finishes slicing the last of the vegetables for their sukiyaki. “Tadaima...” he hears Koki's voice from the living to which he quickly answers with a cheerful, “Okaeri~” he washes his hands and takes off his apron before welcoming the two men.
Koki places their bags on the couch and nudges Juri to look up. “I'm Tanaka Juri, nice to meet you Yuichi-kun. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu...” he says in a manner like he practiced his dialogue for some time before he politely bows.
Yuichi giggles, he seems timid indeed and he walks closer to the young boy. “Hello, I'm Nakamaru Yuichi. It's nice to meet you too, otouto.” he uses his friendliest voice so that the other won't feel uncomfortable. Juri gives a shy smile and turns to Koki.
                “Ah... Here's your room. Come on...” the fighter stands up and leads Juri to his own room just across their own. Juri takes his bags and follows his brother quietly.
Yuichi goes back to fixing the hotpot so they can all eat dinner when Juri has freshened up. Somehow he feels a thorn plucked out of his heart after seeing Juri. He can feel that he is a nice kid. He smiles as he carefully places the ingredients he sliced on the pot then takes out the teacups.
The two brothers enter the kitchen after a while and Juri's eyes widen considerably upon seeing the hotpot. Yuichi bites back a smile... like this whole evening is devoted to win Juri's approval. “Ja, sit down so we can start, aren't you two starving?” He turns the stove on and let the ingredients sizzle. They eat a hearty meal and Yuichi notices the two's happy faces as they eat. He hopes that he brought back good memories.
                “Umai...” Juri mumbles shyly and takes another slice of meat.
                “Arigatou!” he bows gratefully. “What does Niichan think?” he turns to Koki but the other couldn't even speak with his mouth stuffed with food. Yuichi laughs mildly knowing the answer already. “Eat up, ne. There's enough for all of us.” he encourages.
That weekend, they go camping to the nearest mountain. Koki insists since he will be busy training for another fight starting next week. After much struggle in putting up their tents, they all go fishing in the stream. Juri is a little more comfortable with him now and Koki always has that sappy smile on his face. Yuichi thinks he must be really happy that Juri is with him now. Even Yuichi himself couldn't contain the happiness he is feeling. Even though his own parents are abroad, he is not lonely anymore. He has found a second family... Koki and Juri.
They retreat to their tents around 9pm after the campfire died out. Koki being behind all this made Juri sleep alone in the small tent while he and Yuichi share the larger one.
                “Oi, don't you dare do anything... Juri is just a few meters away.” A warning should do it. Koki has some issues restraining himself whenever it's just the two of them together. It actually makes Yuichi feel very confident knowing that his boyfriend just couldn't get enough of him. Though tonight they clearly have to behave because there's a teenage boy with them.
Koki ignores the warning and proceeds on tickling him with soft kisses all over his neck and nape. “Don't worry, Juri is not a child anymore. He knows about us and he knows what adults in love do so you shouldn't worry about it.”
Yuichi pushes the other away. “Can't you wait to get home?” he asks with an irritated tone and that's time when Koki lets go of him with a huff. The blond-haired man turns to the other side with his back facing Yuichi. “So you're mad now.” he props up on his elbows and looks at the other. He sighs and crawls out of their tent bringing his sleeping bag with him and calls out for Juri in front of the boy's tent.
The zipper goes down and the small tent opens. “Niichan?” The boy blinks at the him, wondering what brings him there. Juri opens his tent fully and moves to the side. Yuichi squeezes his long body inside to fit in.
                “Can I sleep here?” he lays his sleeping bag beside Juri's own and crawls beneath it. “Your brother is giving me a headache.” makes up his explanation.
Juri smirks, one very similar to Koki's and Yuichi shivers. It must be running in the family. “Ah... that's what all the bickering is about. It's okay, Niichan. I brought this with me.” He pulls out an mp3 player from under his small pillow and shows it to Yuichi. “Koki won't bring just two tents for nothing.” he chuckled.
Yuichi's jaw drops and he crawls over to whack Juri's head. “You are both brats!” he exclaims. “And sleeping with your earphones plugged is bad for your ears.” he lectures before gathering his sleeping bag again and going back to their own tent.
                “Welcome back...” Koki has that maniac smile when Yuichi enters the tent again and he gasps to see his boyfriend already topless and sprawled on sheets. He shakes his head in hopelessness. “I told you Juri is open-minded.” Koki says triumphantly.
                “Hmph...” Yuichi drops his sleeping bag. “You really planned this... and you taught your brother well.” he slumps down beside Koki's waiting body.
Yuichi then feels strong arms wrapping him and pulling his upper body down. “Remember, I'll be really busy and tired from practice in the coming weeks.” he is reminded and Koki's voice is so husky he shivers at the tingling feeling. He can tell that Koki just smiled on his nape and he decides to give up the useless resistance already.
A week  after their camping, life gets more hectic for the couple although Yuichi makes sure to still give time for Juri, acting as his personal tutor since the kid transferred to a new school near their apartment. He had a lot of things to catch up to and the younger Tanaka shyly asked for his help. He was more than happy to help.
                “I have to go home early because it's Juri's examination week then. I want him to pass all his tests. Soooo... just for next week. Please?” he clasps his palms together hoping his bestfriend would say yes.
                “I'm done with graveyard shift, sorry.” Ueda says coldly and then slurps the rest of his milk until the box deflates.
A tall man makes a beeline to the chatting lads in one of the tables in the cafeteria. They are familiar faces and the tall man couldn't be mistaken. He knows these two. “Uepi? Maru?” he starts and two heads shot up at the human tower.
                “Sempai!” they both exclaim in unison. Yuichi beamed seeing the kindest man he knows in their university.
The tall guy, Taguchi Junnosuke, flashes a smile as bright as the sun as he sits in front of the two. “You're interns here? Sheesh, you could have at least contacted me.” he pouts and one of the two men gets on the edge of his seat.
                “Hai. But we will finish soon. You're working here?” Yuichi asks casually. They were good friends in school, being members of the student council. He had always been Yuichi's guide until he graduated two years ago.
Junno nodded and opened his bento. “I am stationed on the 12th floor. ICU. And you two?”
                “Ueda and I are assigned at the emergency room and out-patient section.” He is suddenly so enthusiastic, happy to see an old friend. “It must be tough in the ICU... ne, sempai?” he finally returns to his food.
The tallest of the three tilts his head to the side as he ponders of what he will answer. “Well, yeah. It can be really really stressful. And there's always drama so we have to be firm with our own emotions and work properly.”
Yuichi sighs just imagining the scenes that his sempai sees daily. He then feels a huge hand ruffling his hair. “You should learn to be tougher.” Junno advices and Yuichi knows he's right.
                “Maaa, you must be always nervous when a critical patient comes and Uepi is still so kakkoi dealing with the situation ne? You two should work hard being on the frontline.” Junno muses with a smile. “I look forward to working with you two here after you graduate.”
There is a slight shade of pink painting Ueda's cheeks and Yuichi doesn't fail to notice that. “Ah... that's not entirely true.” Ueda waves their sempai off and Yuichi also notices that he turns so humble when they're with their sempai. Even before as schoolmates. He smirks as he finds a way to convince Ueda to agree switching shifts with him.
                “I'll be on graveyard shift next week. I wonder if I could bump unto any of you and have coffee  during break.” He smiles again. Yuichi realizes that his sempai didn't really change maybe only became a better and more passionate person.
Ueda quickly raises his hand, “I'm on graveyard shift next week...” he smiles cutely. His hyperactive side suddenly showing again. Clearly, he is being excited.
                “Eh? I thought ---” Yuichi doesn't get to end his question when Ueda kicks him from under the table. He then bites back a smile. He doesn't need to blackmail him after all.
                “Nice... I'll treat Uepi to coffee then. Better luck next time, Maru.” he teases but Yuichi doesn't feel bad at all. He gets the shift he wants to help his brother (almost) and Ueda gets to spend time with his crush. “No problem at all, sempai. There's always next time.”
When Yuichi ponders about the chance meeting with his sempai that day, he thinks that he was saved by the taller man again. Ever since they met, the other had always given him a helping hand... like an older brother who always guides him. Or maybe, he is his guardian angel in disguise... and coincidentally Ueda's prince charming. He goes to sleep with a smile that night while hugging his snoring boyfriend by his side.
A/N: Yosh... Now that the second chapter is up, I should work on the drabble I promised for snow_guardian. I hope you liked this chap~ (^_^)

4th-Oct-2011 07:19 pm (UTC)
nyahahahhahhhahahahahhaah!!! Pervy Tanaka bros XDDD
And Uepi so cute un ^^

more sis!! mooooreeee! :D
5th-Oct-2011 06:01 pm (UTC)
like Niichan like otouto.. XD

I will try to update weekly~
4th-Oct-2011 08:10 pm (UTC)
Too cute and funny~~~ The Tanaka men are pervy LOL I love it. I cracked up at the camping scene and Koki smiling when Yuichi came back priceless...and its Junda!! For some reason I was expecting Ryo to pop up hehehe...can't wait for chapter three!!
5th-Oct-2011 06:02 pm (UTC)
awww... as much as I love Ryo, I don't think I can write him well. >
4th-Oct-2011 09:02 pm (UTC)
Thank you! That was awesome!!!! Koki knows just how to plan ne? lol. I like it I really do!
5th-Oct-2011 12:53 am (UTC)
so happy family ne...

like it.

thank you ne.. ^^
5th-Oct-2011 06:03 pm (UTC)
thanks for reading!
5th-Oct-2011 04:35 am (UTC)
it,s like the verve Tanaka bros vs poor timid Nakamaru , will junno be a problem in the up coming chap ???? for maru i mean . cause my crazy lil head telling some crazy story in to my crazy fangirling mind X)
5th-Oct-2011 06:04 pm (UTC)
I cannot say he'll be a problem but I can assure you that he has a major role in Yuichi's life in this fic. ^^
5th-Oct-2011 12:22 pm (UTC)
ang saya!!!!
second chappie na!!!!
hmmm....natatakot ako sa mga maaaring mangyari....
5th-Oct-2011 06:04 pm (UTC)
hala. bakit anu bang naiisip mo?
6th-Oct-2011 12:05 pm (UTC)
na pahihirapan mo ng husto ang dalawang ito....
6th-Oct-2011 05:08 pm (UTC)
well... ( ̄。 ̄) *whistles*

Hehe. Wag kang mag-alala, I'll do my best pra sulit ang pagbabasa mo.
8th-Oct-2011 01:14 pm (UTC)
alam ko namang you'll do your best!!!!
ikaw pa!!!!
6th-Oct-2011 12:00 pm (UTC)
Uhh, Ueda is so cute!
Poor Maru he seemed quite shocked about Juri and Koki. The chapter is as good as the first one.
I'm waiting for the next chapter :)
6th-Oct-2011 05:11 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much!

Those brothers are partners in crime. (^_~)

I'll do my best to update weekly~
8th-Oct-2011 05:08 am (UTC)
HAHAHAHA Juri is being a fanboy of those two lol
19th-Nov-2011 08:01 am (UTC)
aww, this chapter was definitely a cute one!! i couldn't help laughing at the whole camping trip and Juri and the mp3, LOL!!~ poor Maru, dealing with those two, hahahaha!!~
eek! and Junno is definitely adorable here, *imagining Dr.Hotta *p*
though i'm so sorry it took me so long to read this!! T^T!! now unto the next chapter!!!~
22nd-Nov-2011 04:46 pm (UTC)
whew~!! thank kami-sama, this chapter is sooo cute... juri is sooo acorable and junno definitely saved yucchi in a very nice way... go, uepi~!! it's your chance to make him yours~!! (^o^)

*still apprehensive of the next part*
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