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...a TaNaka freak's fortress...
my source of strength is also my weakness
WOTHCS Chapter 4 
3rd-Nov-2011 10:53 am
Title: What Only the Heart Can See
Pairing: TaNaka (and more to come)
Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst, AU
Rating: PG-15
Disclaimer: I only own the plot. 
Summary: Nakamaru had always dreamed of finding love that he can cherish and when a man named Tanaka Koki came to his life, he believed that forever has begun with the love that they share. Until a tragedy happens and teaches both of them that love is not simply made of fun and happiness, it also comes with pain and sacrifice. 
Author’s notes: Finally! My second multi-chapter that took almost forever to be written is here.  I hope this new fic will be loved as much as my FMA fic. Happy reading!

Chapter 1 - BEGINNING
Chapter 2 - FAMILY
Chapter 3 - CHOICES + JunDa side story



Chapter 4

Koki comes home and finds his lover sleeping. His back flat on the floor and a book covering his face. The rest of his papers scattered on the center table. The national exam is getting closer and Yuichi spends all his time at home preparing for it. Koki kneels down after placing the cake he brought home for the three of them on the center table. He gently takes the book away from Yuichi's face and he sees the latter's angelic face while sleeping. He kisses his soft lips before carefully scooping him up to transfer him on the couch. He does it slowly but surely. He can't be reckless since his arm injury just got healed. 

Yuichi's eyes open slowly at the movement and it takes a moment to realize that he was being lifted by his boyfriend. “Oi, oi... What are you doing? Your arm...” He wants to wiggle out so Koki would put him down but it might hurt him more so he just stays still.

    “Don't worry. It's okay now. I can lift heavy objects in the cafe now so no need to worry.” He smiles reassuringly as he puts him down. “You're about just 2 sacks of coffee beans.”

Yuichi laughs at the exaggeration, rolling his eyes. “Yeah right... Okaeri...” he settles and hugs the throw pillow, still sleepy.  

    “Have you eaten? I brought some dessert. It's the latest cake we offer in the cafe.”

The thin man nodded. “Let me clear up here so we can eat. Juri's in his room playing video games.” He stretches out like a cat before standing up to put his things away, eyeing the cake in the box. “Looks delicious.” He licks his lips then carries on with his task. 

Later on, they sit together in the living room watching a midnight talkshow. Yuichi and Juri enjoying their dessert while Koki chows down his dinner. The comfortable silence breaks with the beeping of Koki's phone. He picks it up and reads the message:

Tanaka-kun, I have heard that you've gotten better and your arm is back to normal. I was wondering when you'll come back. A lot of patrons have been anticipating for your return. I'll be in my headquarters tomorrow afternoon. I'll wait for you and let's settle your comeback fight.

- Hongo

Koki gulped, one of Hongo's men might have seen him somewhere. He gripped his phone tight thinking of what to do. He promised Yuichi he'll never go back to fighting again.

   “What's that?” Yuichi scoots closer and rests his chin on Koki's shoulder eyeing his phone.

Koki closes the message hastily and puts his phone away. “Nothing important.” he grins. “It's just Koyama-kun reminding me to call the supplier of beans.” Yuichi nods then sinks back on his seat. Koki will go there but only to settle everything and tell Hongo-san that he won't fight again.


Trails and piles of rubbish stretch out on the long alley that leads to their meeting place. Koki has been there several times before. That is where he got the offer to become a fighter. Koki never hungered again since then and Hongo-san made him believe that being a fighter is his destiny. All the material things he has now are fruits of his hard work.

    “Ah... You came!” The tall yakuza exclaims upon Koki's entrance. His smiles widely seeing Koki back to normal. “I have been waiting for a word from you. I thought you don't to return to the fighting ground.” He lights a cigarette and stands up.

Koki doesn't reply and rubs his palms together. “Hongo-san...” he starts after a moment of pondering. He knows that trouble is up ahead once he tells the yakuza of his decision. “Actually... I came here to tell you that I will no longer return to fighting. I will always be thankful for the opportunity you have given me and how it has given me the chance to improve my status in life. However, I have decided to take a new direction in my life.” he says breathlessly and bowed in apology.

    “I'm sorry for not telling you right away.”

As he moves his eyes to look up, he sees the yakuza's hand putting out the light of his cigarette and he moved in front and leaned on the table. Koki prepared himself, he had anticipated to receive punches from Hongo's men.

    “Tanaka-kun... Is this how you will repay me after all the help I have given you?” The yakuza says pointedly and stares at Koki from head to toe. “When I saw you beating punks in that deserted street years ago, I was determined to make you the toughest fighter in Japan. If I didn't take you in at that time and handled your career as fighter, you're still probably just as poor as a rat until now.” the deep voice turns cold.

Koki bows again. “I am fully aware of that and I am truly grateful of the opportunity you have given me, Hongo-san. But things are different now. Back then I was just all alone, striving to stand on my own. However, things are different now. I have my loved ones now and they deeply worry about me. I believe it's time for me to take a step to a better future. 

The yakuza breathes in deeply.  “Who do you think you are now? If it wasn't for me you'll be nothing.” he spat, eyeing Koki like he will tear them apart. “I hate ingrates the most.”

    “Hongo-san... what kind of apology do you want from me? I did my part all this time. I followed you and abused my body to its limits just to win each and every single fight. You got fair commission when I win. We're just quits so don't act like I owe you that much. I have decided to retire and please accept it. Find someone else to fight for you.” Koki retaliates exasperatedly.

    “I knew your gay lover would turn you into such a sissy. What a waste...” The tall man laughs in a way that is all too insulting in Koki's ears.. 

Hearing those words thrown to him about Yuichi, Koki's vision turns red and his fist moves by instinct and finally lands on the yakuza's jaw. All the other man in the small room gang up in front of him holding weapons. Koki's manager just brushes off the bruise and signals his men to move back.

    “Leave him out of this, Hongo-san. He didn't do anything to you.” he growls in anger.

The yakuza chuckles, “It's a pity Tanaka-kun. That fag ruined you.” he shakes his head in mock regret.  “Now go before I change my mind and you will never get outta here alive.”  

Koki throws one more glare before leaving and it's then that he realizes it's a good decision to stop working with him. The tall yakuza thinks otherwise though... a plan slowly building in his mind that will surely make Koki regret quitting and cutting ties with him.


Yuichi squeezes everything in his rucksack. Clothes, toiletries, his camera, wallet and mobile phone. Next, he packs Koki's stuff to make sure they don't forget anything. His excitement exuding for their trip to the onsen. “You sure you'll be okay by yourself?” he asks Juri for the nth time. 

    “Haaaai... Don't worry about me, ne? You just enjoy with Koki.” the young one grins at him.
Yuichi wacks him. “We'll be out the whole weekend, how can I not worry? baka...” he puts their bags away. “Just heat the meals I cooked.... AND don't overeat! I only cooked enough for two days.” he reminds their brother and the latter just nods obediently. 

    “Shall we go?” Koki then returns from getting the car he borrowed from Koyama. 

Yuichi picks up their bags and  Koki takes one of them before heading out the door. “Oi, Juri... Make sure the door is locked before you go to sleep ne.” Koki reminds his brother and they finally leave.


    “The onsen should help relieve the pain from your injury, ne. I haven't visited any onsen for some time now so I really wanna enjoy the hot water.” Yuichi gets more excited by the minute and a lovely smile spreads across his face as he rubs his cheeks at the thought. He keeps squirming in the passenger's seat like a hyperactive kid.

Koki smiles as he sees the other's expression. He feels happy to be able to spend a short vacation with his lover. “Well, it's about time you take a break from your review, right? At least for the weekend, relax your mind.” 

    “Uhhmmmm...” Yuichi stretched out his body. “Let's go for a massage...” his face contorting feeling soreness in different areas of his body.

    “Sounds good to me. And then we'll go restaurant hopping!” Koki has a list of good restaurants in that area saved on his phone. Though he told his lover that this weekend's trip was impromptu, he actually prepared for this for a couple of weeks now, wanting him to take a break from studying.

Yuichi falls asleep and the rest of the ride is silent with Koki glancing at him and stroking the thin man's hair every now and then while he peacefully and complacently drives to their destination. Unknown to the couple, a car has been tailing their own from the moment they left their house and the lurking shadow in that car is bound to follow them to wherever they will go.

Yuichi eyes open once again at the feeling of a soft touch on his arm. He sees his lover before gazing out the window to see the orange sun about to descend down the horizon... it's already afternoon and they have arrived at the ryokan. He rubs his eyes sleepily and yawns. “We're here?”

Koki nods in confirmation and starts taking their bags. “C'mon... we should spend our time here wisely.” he reminds the other. The latter fixes himself in slow movements while regaining his senses then follows Koki out the car.

From a distance, a pair of eyes follows the couple as they head to ryokan. The dark image pulls over and gets out of his own car and observes their every movement.


They fall on the futon in their yukatas and Yuichi hugs the soft pillow in his arms. “Uwaaaaahhhh~ Feels so good!!” he giggles and Koki moves on his side to hug him. “Hey, we can roll around all you want later tonight but we should enjoy a dip at the onsen first.” he hears Koki whisper in his ear and it turns to a light buzz. He realizes his lover is right and he sits up in an instant. “Ja, let's go!!!” voice so cheerful as he stands up and drags Koki outside.


The hot water relaxes even the tiniest of their muscles, steam rising up to heat even their faces. They are both wearing contented smiles as they soaked in the water in an isolated area of the onsen. Yuichi rested his back on Koki's chest and closed his eyes as the latter's strong arms wrapped around his slender body.

    “Ne, thanks for going out of your way to take me here.” Yuichi mumbles and places his hands on Koki's own. “I knew you planned this a more than a month ago.” he admitted.

Koki's eyes instantly opened at the other's admittance. “You knew?” he asked incredulously. “Juri...” he muttered under his breath.

    “No, no...” the thin man shook his head. “Juri didn't say a word. It just happened that I saw the brochure in the pocket of your jacket while fixing the laundry.” 

The other just nods in realization. “Well, yeah. You can say that. It's just that you've been so worked up for the exam and I want you to relax a bit.” he explains and rests his chin on the taller man's shoulder after kissing it lightly. “This is my apology for always making you worried and my thank you for taking care of me and Juri.” 

The steam rises up enough to make them look like mere silhouettes and Yuichi turns around to plant a soft kiss on Koki's lips. “Thank you.” he smiles before turning around again to lean on him. 

After half an hour of soaking, they finally decide to eat. Getting out of the onsen first, Yuichi draped the towel around his waist again. “I'll get changed now. Don't stay there too long.” he reminds his boyfriend who wants to soak a little longer before heading back to their room.


The thin man dries his hair after wrapping himself with a fuzzy robe. The night is young and they have planned to take a tour downtown after eating dinner. He is carefully choosing the clothes he will wear when he sees a shadow outside the door. He carries on with what he's doing and a minute has passed already yet the door still doesn't slide open. “Koki, you can come in...” he rolled his eyes wondering why his boyfriend is just standing there. He stares at the  shadow but it still doesn't move so he finally walks closer to open it. He slides the door open, “Koki, why are you just stand---”  he never gets to finish his sentence as the shadow turns in front of him.

   “Nakamaru-san?” the shadow asks.

Yuichi steps back, feeling a shudder course through his veins. “Who are you?”
The owner of the shadow doesn't ask and just steps closer to him using his strength to trap him in his arms then presses a white handkerchief on Yuichi's face until his thin body limps and becomes unconscious.


A/N: Sorry!! This update took longer than it should. (>_<) Anyway, I hope it was worth the wait!

3rd-Nov-2011 03:32 am (UTC)
Ooooow shooot at first I thought they were going to kidnap juri , looking forward to read your next chapt
3rd-Nov-2011 05:06 pm (UTC)
The next chap might take some time depending on the scenes I would include in it... I am thinking of making it long enough since the past chaps are quite short.

Anyhow, I'll do my best to make it good!
3rd-Nov-2011 04:41 am (UTC)
OMG!! What is Hongo up to?

I thought Juri would be the victim but it turns out to be Nakamaru.

I really dread to think what Hongo's men will do to Nakamaru.
3rd-Nov-2011 05:11 pm (UTC)
While Juri is an easy victim, Hongo-san resents Yuichi for being the reason why Koki decided to quit.

Koki will rescue him... daijobu~
3rd-Nov-2011 02:40 pm (UTC)

I was just re-reading this story from the beginning again yesterday and thinking looking forward to the next update and this morning I see this!!! You are too awesome to me LOL.

Man, I hate that Yuichi has be he hurt like this. Koki is going to completing terrified and pissed off that the Yukaza tried to hurt his baby to get to him.
3rd-Nov-2011 05:12 pm (UTC)
LOL Nikki... korette DESTINY! XD

Koki will do anything and everything to protect Yuichi and Juri.

It's gonna be tough.
3rd-Nov-2011 05:14 pm (UTC)
D:D: I HATE HONGO-SAN, this is official!
Arigatou sissss!! :D:D:D:D heart1heart1heart1heart1heart1heart1
Mooooorrreeeeee pleaseeee!
3rd-Nov-2011 05:15 pm (UTC)
I'll try my best to update fast sis~

5th-Nov-2011 03:05 pm (UTC)
Umm, sorry that I couldn't comment earlier and
I'm really exiced about the next chapter!
Koki and Maru are so sweet together!

Please update soon (I can't wait <3)
5th-Nov-2011 05:58 pm (UTC)
that yakuza...
i know this all because them..
i hate them..

please update soon ne..
thank you~
11th-Nov-2011 03:34 am (UTC)
you update...all excited and then another damn cliffie...evil! But I love it so far...I can tell Koki is going to be kicking a lot of ass in the upcoming chapters...I'm really hating Hongo too. *prays for a happy ending* Next chapter soon ne? It was worth the wait! Damn cliffie...
19th-Nov-2011 08:29 am (UTC)
i'm scare! OMG!! this is scary!! poor koki!! having to deal with them like that! and MARU! NO!! god, as much as i wanted to enjoy the onsen scenes and the lovey dovey scene, i couldn't get rid of my suspense T^T!!!~ i dunno if i should go to sleep now or continue reading >_
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