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...a TaNaka freak's fortress...

my source of strength is also my weakness

19 July 1988
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"When one is climbing the mountain, the top is covered in clouds. But it's just nice when it's hidden. When you are able to see the top, its the end

As long as you don't decide the top, one can always keep climbing."
-- Tanaka Koki

Yo!!! Aoi in the house~ I'm a 23-yr.old Filipina who thinks of nothing else but Japan, JE, KAT-TUN... most of the time, KOKI and Yuichi (about 24/7)... is a fanfic writer... TaNakamaru shipper to be exact... Koki and Yuichi are my BIAS...

If we share the same inetrests, let's be friends!
I love JE boys... even Juniors... Tanaka Juri to be specific... Tanaka kyoudai own me!

I love jdoramas, jpop music and yaoi.

I would love to meet other Filipina JE fans out there...

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!!

(credits to fruitstyle for my layout~)

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