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...a TaNaka freak's fortress...
my source of strength is also my weakness
WOTHCS Chapter 3 
15th-Oct-2011 04:06 am
Title: What Only the Heart Can See
Pairing: TaNaka (and more to come)
Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst, AU
Rating: PG for now
Disclaimer: I only own the plot. 
Summary: Nakamaru had always dreamed of finding love that he can cherish and when a man named Tanaka Koki came to his life, he believed that forever has begun with the love that they share. Until a tragedy happens and teaches both of them that love is not simply made of fun and happiness, it also comes with pain and sacrifice. 
Author’s notes: Finally! My second multi-chapter that took almost forever to be written is here.  I hope this new fic will be loved as much as my FMA fic. Happy reading!




The fighter rubs his chin as he stares out the window of their favorite restaurant. He sighs before turning helplessly at his lover. “So... you think this will turn out well?” He bites his lip, thinking about the business proposal offered to him. He isn't educated enough to know technicalities about business.

Yuichi just smiles tenderly. “Don't worry, you can trust my friend.”

The third party offers a sincere smile. “Don't worry Koki-kun, my family has been running a ramen shop for years now. I will make sure your investment will yield huge profit. You see, food is a necessity and cafes are very popular these days. From teens to oldies, we have a wide market.” 

    “Kei-chan is right. The money you worked hard for will grow in food business and if you get to learn the basics of how to run the cafe, you can manage it together with him. You can surely earn enough for you and Juri... and...” the thin man stops midway and bites his lip.

    “And?” Koki waits eagerly.

Yuichi lets out a deep breath. “And you can stop fighting already. You don't have to undergo so much pain and get injuries anymore.” he finished sadly. Although he isn't happy with Koki's work, he knows that Koki values it a lot with the thought that it's the only thing he's good at.

Koki nods, understanding why his lover feels that way. He always makes the other worried because of his job but never did Yuichi tell him to stop and get a normal occupation. If he didn't open up the idea of wanting to have a small business using his savings, Yuichi wouldn't bring and introduce his old friend, Koyama, to him. “Wakatta.” he tells his lover. “I guess it's worth the shot.”


    “Omedetouuu!!!” the lights flick open the moment Yuichi steps inside their apartment. He is welcomed by the younger Tanaka, holding a cake in his hands. He smiles appreciatively and rushes to him, leaving Koki by the doorway. “Arigatou.” he bows gratefully and blows the candle on the cake. He then proudly shows his diploma to Juri, “You should be able to show me your own when you graduate too, ne.” 

Juri nods, “I'll do my best!” 

Koki gets the first lick of icing and slumps down on the couch. Exhausted from attending the ceremony to witness Yuichi's graduation, it was his first time to enter a university and he was honestly overwhelmed. He looks at Yuichi again and gets inspired from his accomplishment. He snaps out of his reverie when the doorbel rings and Juri puts down the cake to rush to the door. “That should be our food.” he announces.

    “Awwww... tired?” Yuichi sits next to Koki and runs a soothing touch on his muscular forearm.

Koki just smiles at him. Just one touch made every ounce of stress and exhaustion in his body disappear. He doesn't answer, only pulls Yuichi's head to his shoulder then turns the television on using the remote control lying beside him on the couch. He stares at Yuichi's hands that are holding his. Those long dainty fingers, smooth fingertips and warm palms that keep him calm always. His concentration is on his lover only despite the interesting but awkward show about wild animals mating on the National Geographic channel. They'd  have to mate on their own later to celebrate.

Juri comes back with a handful of plastic bags filled with their dinner and he proceeds to the kitchen, careful not to disturb the elders.

    “Thank you...” Yuichi plants a soft kiss on his neck, too lazy to move and dart Koki's lips. “This really means a lot for me. I'm happy you witnessed this important event for me.”

    “Don't you think it would have been better if your parents also came home to see it?” he plays with Yuichi's fingers again and he thinks that Yuichi should know by now that he has developed a fetish over them.

The fresh graduate bites his lip and lets his hands be enclosed by Koki's own. When he and Ueda separated after the ceremony, the shorter man left with his mom and dad with big smiles on their faces. He never felt so envious in his life. “Mmm... Mama already sent me an e-mail and a graduation gift. It should arrive soon. She just went to Greece for vacation with her new boyfriend. And Papa deposited a larger amount of money in my account too so I suppose that's his gift.  He seems to be really really busy with work. Last time I heard from him, he is working hard for a promotion. Guess I'll just send them my pictures.” he explains in his most normal tone to mask the sadness of not having his parents witness a very important stage in his life.

    “I have a gift too.” Koki muses with a smirk. Yuichi should be happy today more than anything and if he must distract him from thinking of his parents, he will. “It's in our room but you can't see it until bedtime.” he teases and draws out the curiosity in Yuichi.

Yuichi sits up, “A surprise, huh?” he grins and decides to glomp Koki because he can't find words to express his happiness. Not just of the gift but the mere thought of Koki being with him.


Koki is overwhelmed when he visits 'Cafe Ole!' on its fourth week in business. Koyama seems to be really good at it and his chinky eyes become even tinier slits whenever he smiles while he chats with some customers having a good time in the restaurant... THEIR restaurant. 

    “Ah, Koki-kun!” Koyama beams when he sees him. “We have a lot of customers coming in today. Wanna help?”

Koki isn't really confident when they started the business but he wants to open new doors and learn other things so he can retire from fighting soon. “I'd stay behind the counter for the meantime.” He grins as he decides to join the barista. Kitchenwork and entertaining people are much easier than thinking of marketing strategies and counting profit. He lets Koyama take care of those areas.

    “Are you staying until closing time?” Koyama follows him shortly and takes the place of the person in the cashier who leaves to take her break.

Koki shakes his head. “I just agreed to meet Yuichi here before going home. He went shopping with Uebo today.” he scoops some beans from a coffee bag and puts them in the coffeemaker. “Why?”

    “Well, I thought of some ideas to enhance our humble place.” the taller man explains. He promised to help Yuichi by teaching Koki how to professionally manage bit by bit in ways he won't realize since the fighter is apprehensive to involve himself in more important aspects of their business, too insecured due to his lack of education.

Koki presses the buttons and the coffee starts brewing. “I see... If Yuichi has nothing important to do tomorrow, then we can stay.” he turns around to check the line of orders stuck on the board.

Affirmative. Koyama smiles to himself as he punches in the next customer's order.

Two hours later, the cafe clears a bit. It's almost 10pm and most people have gone home, the only ones left are the hardworkers, brooding in front of their laptops and drinking their nth cup of coffee as they take work with them from the office. The chime tingles and both Koki and Koyama look up to greet the customer. The two of them smile when they see Yuichi together with Ueda and another taller man.

    “Irasshaimaseee~” Koyama grins goofily and Yuichi whacks him the moment he got closer.

Koki washes his hand before leaving the counter to join his lover. He slips on the seat next to Yuichi and eyes the stranger. 

    “Sempai, he's the one...” Yuichi introduces Koki as discreetly as he can. The tall man nods in understanding then he turns to his lover. “Ne, Koki... This is my sempai, Taguchi Junnosuke.” 

The fighter bows politely eyeing the said man, he is probably just about his age. “I'm Tanaka Koki. Yoroshiku.” the tall man bows back at him and then beams a bright smile.

    “Kei-chan, do you remember him?” Yuichi asks since he already introduced them to each other two years ago. Koyama confirms and stands up to prepare them a snack.

Automatically, Koki scoots closer to Yuichi and sits close enough so he can put an arm over his shoulder. He has met Yuichi's other friends but only with this guy, he felt some discomfort. Maybe it's just his insecurities kicking in. Yuichi has shared a few stories about his sempai that he really admires and Koki believes the said man must be an achiever. What is he compared to him?

The five of them chatted over cups of coffee and Koki secretly observed the tallest man. Ueda seems to be keeping his attention so the fighter becomes more relaxed. Maybe they're an item and he shouldn't be thinking too much. His boyfriend is just really a very friendly person.

After closing time, Ueda and Junno goes first and the remaining three discuss about the progress of the restaurant.


2 months later

The snow capped the streets outside still falling steadily to cover the whole city in white but the bad condition of the weather doesn't stop Yuichi from rushing all the way to the hospital after getting a call from Koki.

    “I landed on my arm...” Koki told him in the shortest way possible. He was in the middle of a fight when he attempted to shield a kick from the opponent. Unfortunately, the impact was too strong and he was thrown to the side landing on his arm. Now he is the hospital wearing a sling and a frown as he waits for his boyfriend to come.

Yuichi dashes through the doorway and heads straight to emergency room to look for Koki. The latter is sitting in a corner with a cast and a sling wrapped around his arm. A nurse is still cleaning his bruises on the face and Yuichi goes past Koki's manager not even bothering to spare him a glance. “What happened to you?” he kneels in front of Koki, smiles when he recognizes the nurse tending on his lover's wounds and then puts back his attention on the fighter.

The first thing Koki does is sigh. He feels so guilty for making Yuichi worried again that he wants the ground to open and swallow him up. “I fell on my arm after a blow from that punk.” He flinches when the nurse dabs some disinfectant on the bruise at the corner of his eyebrow. 

Yuichi returns the sigh. “Koki...” he begins but it's just followed  by another sigh. He stands up, waits for the nurse to finish cleaning Koki's wounds before joining Koki as the doctor gives them instructions to treat Koki's arm. Yuichi takes the prescription and helps Koki as they walk out of the emergency room and to the hospital lobby. 

Koki's manager follows reluctantly a few meters behind them. Yuichi pays no attention to him because now he's starting to feel resentment for Koki's job. They sit and Yuichi looks at his boyfriend tentatively, thinking if he should say something now.

    “I'm sorry. I know you're busy reviewing for the national exam. You shouldn't have come here. I can manage to go home on my own.” he says guiltily. “Tsch... I'll get back to that bastard when I heal.” He sees Yuichi frown even more at his statement and mentally slaps himself for the careless comment.

    “Tanaka...” the authoritative voice makes Yuichi raise an eyebrow. Koki looks up at the owner of the voice dejectedly. “Ja, seems like you'll have to stop from all fights for the meantime. Contact me when you're back in shape ne.” he gently pats the other's shoulder. “For tonight's fight.” he hands over a thick envelope. “I didn't get my share. Get well soon.” then he turns back to leave.

Koki doesn't say anything and hands Yuichi the envelope. He's getting so much more cash now that he's the most in-demand fighter in town. Yuichi takes the envelope and clutches to it. “I hope this is the last.” he says in a voice like he's almost about to cry. “If you love me and Juri... please... stop this already. I don't know what I'll do if something worse happens.” then he starts crying softly and Koki decides right there and then. 

The tall gangster looks back at them one last time, eyeing Yuichi carefully before leaving. He decides that the crying man is the hindrance to Koki's promising future in fighting and if not stopped, will be the downfall of Koki.


A/N: It's delayed this week. GOMEN!!! *bows low* This week has been hectic... and for the rest of the month I'll have a tight schedule at work... But I'll still try to do weekly updates... If not, then every other week. >_< And the fic I owe to snow_guardian: Would you mind if I just make it a spin-off/side story for this fic? Please? *puppy eyes*

14th-Oct-2011 08:49 pm (UTC)
I already hate the manager and I'm on the verge of crying with Yucchi. Buhuhuhu sis you're killing me softly ;___;

Awesome as always. Arigatou naheart1heart1heart1
15th-Oct-2011 08:47 pm (UTC)
Lol sis, it's just the beginning...

brace yourself!
14th-Oct-2011 09:57 pm (UTC)
Not liking the manager...why oh why? Do managers always have to be like that? Can't wait for more! Lovely work!
15th-Oct-2011 08:48 pm (UTC)
for now you don't like him... I guess it'll turn to hate in the next chaps. (>_<)
15th-Oct-2011 11:21 pm (UTC)
Am I supposed to like him? Or is he one of those guys who does evil things and it turns out that he was doing a good thing?
16th-Oct-2011 10:36 am (UTC)
well as I told you... You might come to hate him. You'll see in the next chaps.
16th-Oct-2011 01:40 pm (UTC)
I'll believe you then. I just hope for a good ending ne? Waiting for those next chapters!! :)
16th-Oct-2011 05:59 pm (UTC)
It's going to be a long journey so I hope I'll be able to keep you until then.
16th-Oct-2011 10:23 pm (UTC)
Long journeys? I like those. Don't worry you'll keep me. :) promise.
15th-Oct-2011 01:22 am (UTC)
i really sad to TaNaka...
but...i guess Koki will never stop..

want read more..
please update soon ne..

thank you~
15th-Oct-2011 08:49 pm (UTC)
I'll do my best to update quickly. Thank you so much for reading~
15th-Oct-2011 02:56 am (UTC)
Update! Yea! Hmmm...I really enjoyed it, second I want more thirdly, what kind of parents does Yuichi have? They just better not say anything about his love choice...and poor Koki, feeling like he not good enough for anything better than a street fighter...You can do it Koki!!!
15th-Oct-2011 08:52 pm (UTC)
Well, contrary to Koki's loving parents who passed away early, Yucchi's own fail to shower him with love. Somehow that's why they cling on to each other so much because they fill the spaces in each others' hearts. ^^

Until next chap!
16th-Oct-2011 05:42 pm (UTC)
Awesome, can't wait to read the next chapter. Please update soon :)
Juri is so sweet making a cake for Maru.
Thank you^^
16th-Oct-2011 05:55 pm (UTC)
Hai. I will do my best.

And Juri is a good child. (^___^)

Thank you so much for reading!
19th-Nov-2011 08:11 am (UTC)
awww, i really hope this is the last fight too!! i'm as worry as Maru!! but... i know something's up... T^T!!~

teehee, Koki was jealous of Junno, lol!!~ no worries koki!!~ maru have you!!!

okay, i'm happy that you have all these lovely fluffiness...which just make me more worry about the future chappie... T^T!~
sorry again for commenting late, but i'm enjoying this!! (though i should sleep...one more chapter wouldn't hurt, ne?? LOL!!~)
19th-Nov-2011 08:24 am (UTC)
awwwhhh... I'm really glad that you are catching up. Demo... get some sleep first ne~ This fic won't go anywhere!
23rd-Nov-2011 02:20 pm (UTC)
OMG, what is he planning~??!!!
i can feel negative waves from that man... he better not hurt my yucchi~!! *runs to the next part*
23rd-Nov-2011 04:57 pm (UTC)
well... (⋋▂⋌)
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