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...a TaNaka freak's fortress...
my source of strength is also my weakness
WOTHCS Chapter 8 
14th-Jan-2012 09:26 pm
Title: What Only the Heart Can See
Pairing: TaNaka (one-sided JunRu, JunDa and now - Akame!)
Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst, AU
Rating: PG-15
Disclaimer: I only own the plot.
Summary: Nakamaru had always dreamed of finding love that he can cherish and when a man named Tanaka Koki came to his life, he believed that forever has begun with the love that they share. Until a tragedy happens and teaches both of them that love is not simply made of fun and happiness, it also comes with pain and sacrifice.
Author’s notes: Finally! My second multi-chapter that took almost forever to be written is here.  I hope this new fic will be loved as much as my FMA fic. Happy reading!

Chapter 6 - TORTURE
Chapter 7 - AFTERMATH


    “Are you sure we need to do this? We're already adults so we can do what we want right? Besides, we already did it without asking their approval so what's the point?” The taller man raises an eyebrow at his lover while he ties his long, black, wavy hair to a messy ponytail. 

The shorter one looked up to him and pauses from placing folded clothes in a suitcase. “Oh, I thought we were clear on this already?” he then proceeds with his task. There's no backing out now that they have tickets for their trip back to Japan.

    “Well, yeah. But...” He picks up the box of cigarette on the side table and takes out a stick. “Won't your parents get scandalized by the news? You haven't even given them the slightest hint.” 

The brunette rolled his eyes. “I want to personally tell them. It would be disrespectful if we don't. My parents aren't as liberated as yours so I want them to explain everything face-to-face. What are you so worried about? They like you.” he smiles encouragingly.

    “Will they like me as son-in-law too?” he fishes out his lighter from the pocket of his denim pants.

The shorter one stands up and pulls out the cigarette from his lips before he can light it. “Of course... Just don't show them how much of a smoker you are.” he waggles his eyebrows and pushes him out of their room. “I told you to go to the veranda if you smoke.”

    “I know, I know...” he insists then leaves right after. A minute later he pokes his head again through the doorway. “Kazu, how long are we gonna stay there?”

    “Four weeks, Jin... Let's make the most out of it.”


Yuichi holds Koki tight as the doctor explains the  results of the latter's test. The fighter's vision has become obviously impaired. But unlike before, there is now perception of light after he has adjusted a few hours after waking up except that he can only see shadows and very blurred patches.

    “It's a case of severe corneal abrasion. We found tiny glass particles in your eyes and they have damaged your corneas thus impairing your vision. The good news is, we can bring back Tanaka-san's eyesight once we find an eye donor. We will then replace the damaged corneas through a transplant and you'll get to see the world again.”

Koki traces the bandage around his head that covers his eyes. “I'll be blind until we find a donor?” he asks helplessly. He feels Yuichi's soft hands squeezing his arms. “We will find you a donor as soon as possible.” he hears that gentle promise and Yuichi has all his trust. He hopes they can find one soon. 


    “Say Ah...” Yuichi says as he brings up a spoonful of food to Koki's mouth. “Sensei said we  can go home this Friday. He said it will be good for you to go back to a place where you  are familiar. I already signed you up in the list of corneal transplant patients. Let's just wait and pray that you can have the transplant soon.” He then wipes the corner of Koki's mouth with his hanky.

The blond man sighs as he chews on his food. Familiar place? How would I know if it's familiar if I can't see it?  Since that time that the doctor revealed his condition, his mind has been clouded as to how he'll go on with his life like this. Even though there's a good chance that he can see again, he never wanted to be such a burden to the people around him, especially to his loved ones.

    “Koki...” the thin man says gently as he caresses his lover's face. “I know it's gonna be hard... But I will be with you all the way, okay? Until everything gets back to normal.” he puts down the bowl of food and hugs Koki tight. "Don't give up.”

    “Yuu... I'm so sorry. I've caused you so much pain.” his hands find the hem of Yuichi's shirt and grips it lightly. 

Yuichi shakes his head. “Don't blame yourself... This is just a test. You got hurt in order to protect me because you love me. And I love you too so I promise to endure the consequences of this tragedy until we make it through this storm. Everything will be alright.” he smiles and seals his promise with a kiss.

Koki nodded and held Yuichi's hands, bringing them up to his cheeks. “I want to see your face again.”

    “You will soon... I'll do everything I can.”


Junno closes the door as quietly as he can after briefly opening the door to Koki's room. “Uepi, I forgot something upstairs.” he says in a rather strained voice as he turns around and faces Ueda. “Please give this to Maru and Koki-kun. I'll be back, I'll just get... my... phone. Yeah, my phone.” he mumbles and walks away leaving Ueda by the door with the small fruit basket they brought for their friends. 

The shorter man bit his lip and opened the door again finding the couple hugging. He looked down realizing why his sempai suddenly backed away and he sighed before knocking politely. “Sumimasen...” he greets with a smile and the lovers promptly let each other go.

    “Uebo?” Koki asks and turns his head to the direction of the voice. “You’re by yourself?”

Ueda smiles, happy that his friend recognized his voice. “Well, sempai was with me since it's his break but he forgot something in his station so he just went up to get it.”

    “Sempai is spending a lot of free time with you.” Yuichi muses with a grin on his face even though his eyes are still teary. “Aren't you going out yet?” he asks using his most cheerful voice and his best friend just rolls his eyes at him. 

    “I'll cut your tongue if sempai hears you.” Ueda threatens. “We brought fruits...” he announced for Koki's benefit and he receives an appreciative bow from the former fighter.

Junno came in after a while and Ueda couldn't help but worry for him. His sempai is quite a masochist and then he realizes that so is he... but only for the taller man. If it wasn't him, he wouldn't let himself be emotionally tortured like now. His first option is still the same... to wait.


    “See, that wasn't so bad right?” the shorter one giggles as they settle inside the cab after saying their goodbyes. “I told you they like you. They were just really uncomfortable of course. Wouldn't it be awkward to see your son get married with another man?”

    “Right, your dad was glaring at me like he was casting a silent spell.” he huffs and sinks in his seat while the other man gives the driver the directions, still very fluent in their mother tongue. Then he receives a whack in the arm for what he said. “Although your mom said I can call him Okaasan.” he waggles his eyebrows proudly.

The shorter one sits comfortably with a complacent smile. “They trust you Jin. More than anyone else... We've known each other since primary school days. They know you enough.” and he squeezes the other's hand.

    “I'm really happy I have a wonderful husband... and pretty... and sexy... and naughty... and ----” he gets silenced by the other's sweet lips.


By the end of the week, Koki is back home and the only thing familiar was the sound of his brother's voice.

“Tadaima...” he says in a low voice and he's surprised when the next thing he feels is Juri's arms around him. He smiles tenderly when he is greeted back with a cheerful 'okaeri'. He feels a sudden warmth in his chest, Juri is not really the touchy type and this tight hug just means that his brother really missed him. It's like when he came back to fetch him from the orphanage.

    “You scared me, Koki.” he admits, still hugging his older brother and Koki couldn't help but smile. 

    “Chotto...” Yuichi interrupted, still supporting Koki and holding all their bags. “You two should chat on the couch, c'mon.” 

Juri takes the bags from Yuichi and the latter guides Koki to the living room. “Okay, the couch is seven steps from the genkan.” he informs his lover as he carefully let Koki take the steps while he holds his hand. “Here we are.” he announces before making him sit down. “If you need something, just call me. I'll go make us dinner. Juri is just here, ne?” he kisses Koki's forehead and the teenager takes his place. 

    “How's school?” Koki asks feeling like he missed a lot of things ever since that day. Although he promised that he will always be there for his brother, in the end he couldn't keep his words.

    “Good... I joined the dance club.” he says cheerfully. “We have a performance next month for the school festival so we are practicing hard.”

Koki just nods hoping for a miracle that he can get to see again before that time comes. He wants to see Juri doing his best. He wants to be proud of his little brother, to let the world know how wonderful he is. “I wish I could see you dance.” he finally voices out his feelings.

    “Daijobu, let's just hope that we find you a donor very soon.” the younger Tanaka rubs his shoulder encouragingly. “Don't be too hard on yourself, ne. We'll be here to help you always.” He relaxes when he sees his older brother nod.


2 weeks later...

Jin checks his watch before fishing out his phone from his pocket. He presses one on his keypad and as soon as the line gets connected, he places the phone on his ear, waiting for his husband to pick up.

    “Hey...” Kame answers immediately. “I'm almost done... Just one more pair of boots and I'm good.” he explains quickly knowing that his husband is getting impatient already.

Jin laughs at the fact that he can read him so easily. “Okay, okay... Chill. I'm not mad. Where should I fetch you?”

    “Ah... I saw a cafe a few blocks from here so let's just meet here. This mall is so crowded, you might not like it.” he chuckles as he enters his favorite shop. He missed it a lot.

    “Okay... do you know the name of the cafe?” Jin fixes his hair and puts on his favorite shades and hoodie.

Kame bites his lips as he recalls the signboard. “Ah! Cafe Ole.” he smiles seeing the clerk approach him. “Jin, I gotta go. See you in a while.”

    “Got that. Later then...” he ends the call and heads out to the subway station.


    “I'm sorry I couldn't help you here. This is supposed to be a partnership but left you  all the job.” Koki sighs and bows to what he presumes to be Koyama's spot as they sit in the cafe.

The taller man just smiles and pats Koki's shoulder. “Don't worry about it. I got it covered and Yuichi comes here thrice a week in your place. When you get to see again, you can make up for it.” he smiles even though the other can't see him. “Ja, I need to go back now. Yuichi just got out of the washroom and will be with you in a while.” he patted his shoulder once more and left.

A moment later, Koki stands up after hearing Yuichi call his name. He takes a step away from his seat when he felt a large figure bump into him and Koki shuffles back holding on to the table. 

    “What the hell?” Jin curses under his breath as the paper cup with his hot coffee spills on the tray as a result of their clash. “Hey, look where you're going!” he reprimands with an annoyed tone.
Koki stays still, shocked from the incident. It's the first time he actually feels like a total nuisance. “I... I'm sorry...” he bows apologetically.

Jin just huffs and places the tray on the vacant table, rolling his eyes and checks his shirt. “Stupid.” he mutters in English. Then like a breeze, another form walks past him and runs to the man he just bumped.

    “Koki, are you okay?” Yuichi asks worriedly as he helps his boyfriend before turning to the stranger. “I'm sorry. He didn't mean to spill your coffee.” he raises an eyebrow at the stranger. “He COULDN'T see.” he emphasized before pulling Koki with him. “Hiro-kun, please replace the customer's order.” he tells one of their part-time workers before stepping outside the cafe, bowing to Koyama with sad eyes.

Jin just stares at the two men, dumbfounded and guilty of his actions.


A/N: I am so sorry for making you guys wait for so long. I know I said two weeks but as you know... the holidays just passed so I was pretty busy and on top of that, we had a company party and we did a dance number so I spent the past week teaching choreography to my co-workers. I'm really sorry!!! *bows deeply* Anyway, I should get back to my normal schedule now. (^_^)v

14th-Jan-2012 02:53 pm (UTC)
whha I'm first.
Thanks so much for updating :)
I'm already excited about Akame in this story (although they have no chance against TaNaka)!
I hope that Koki is going to see Juri's performance~<3

15th-Jan-2012 02:58 pm (UTC)
yes you are~ omedetou for getting the spot!

Akame will affect TaNaka's lives in a great way. (^_~) Thanks for reading!
14th-Jan-2012 05:29 pm (UTC)
So like Jin to open his mouth without thinking.

I wonder who will be Koki's doner.
15th-Jan-2012 03:01 pm (UTC)
That's why he's Bakanishi ne~

Also, Koki's donor... well... =p Don't worry, I won't keep you waiting too long to know who it will be. ^_^
14th-Jan-2012 05:45 pm (UTC)
Second! Wow...I'm early! Thank you for an update! I'll admit you had me confused slightly with Jin and Kame I was thinking 'ok who smokes? who smokes...Kame possibly Ueda it's possible but highly doubt it..." I gave up and read to the end and went OOOOhhhh....Jin. Yes of course Jin!
I like what you did with Koki...he has hope! Thank you!!! I hope as well that Koki gets to see Juri's performance! I really hope that poor Ueda kun gets his man soon!
15th-Jan-2012 03:02 pm (UTC)
Don't worry~! We still have a long way to go and many things can still happen so just stick around.
14th-Jan-2012 06:20 pm (UTC)
Can I kiss that fatass sis? He called daddy STUPID ;__;

Awesome like always heart1
and you're really making us wait uh? I still hope fore THAT happy ending.................... heart1

thankiessssss lovelylovely
15th-Jan-2012 03:03 pm (UTC)
No, you better KICK that!

Well sis, good things come for those who wait!
14th-Jan-2012 11:53 pm (UTC)
Baka! Jin! So mean...But understandable...I'm curious now how Akame will play in this story. Waiting for the next update. And you are forgiven for being late!
15th-Jan-2012 03:04 pm (UTC)
Akame have important roles, that I can assure you.

Thank you so much!
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